Critique Group Submission

Salt City Genre Writers Critique Groups are held the last Saturday of every month. They tend to take a minimum of 45 minutes per person in the group. Groups tend to be 3-4 people. Check out the Critique Guide here.


  • 5000 Word Limit of a piece (If it is longer than 5k, please mark where appropriate on the submission)

  • Submissions are due by the 15th of the month by end of day.

  • You must submit a piece for critique in order to participate.

  • Critique groups are assigned each month per the submission requests received.

  • If you are looking for anything specific in the feedback, please be sure to note that in your submission form or on the submission itself.  

NOTE: To keep Critiques fair for all members, if you commit to critiques and are a no show, no notice, you will not be allowed to participate for 6 months. Two no shows, with notice, the 6 month suspension will still apply.**

**(Exceptions are based on leadership discretion)

Critique Sign-Up

Every month we hold a critique group for those interested in participating. Please fill out the form via the month interested.

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