How SCGW Started

In 2015, following a productive and fun-filled National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), a number of the writers who had joined the NaNo fueled chat stuck around to continue on with their writing. The grueling intensity of a month of writing towards a 50k goal did not dissuade the founding members from following the desire to hone their craft. After realizing that they shared a common dedication, they decided to become part of the League of Utah Writers as a downtown Salt Lake City writing chapter. The Salt City Genre Writers Chapter was born.


Now a very active, friendly, and peer to peer driven writing group, the Salt City Genre Writers now hosts nearly twenty members regularly with nearly five times that found on our online slack channel. Monthly meetings, informal write-ins, NaNoWriMo hosted write-ins, critique groups, and much more are available within our chapter.

Our Leadership


Bryan Young is a journalist, author, and filmmaker and his work has appeared at StarWars.Com, HowStuffWorks, Syfy, Huffington Post, and in the pages of Star Wars Insider. He has had four novels published in various genres. He also hosts the Star Wars podcast, Full of Sith.

Vice President

Cassidy Ward is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. He publishes a new short story and novel chapter online every month and is a regular columnist for where he writes about the intersection of science and popular culture. His story, Fancy Hansey Does Necromancy, was recently published in the first issue of One Mean Monster Zine.


S.J. Restivo has spent a lifetime creating worlds and writing scripts for her imaginary friends. Inspired to take her creations a step further, the love of both writing and her husband J.S. Restivo was sparked. Now living in Salt Lake City alongside her collaborative partner in crime and side kick kitty, S.J. spends her time helping other aspiring writers. 

Horror Division Director

R. R. Smith is a Horror author and enthusiast. As the Secretary of Horror for the Salt City Genre Writers, she believes in the power of a good ghost story and loves teaching writers how to harness the horrific in any genre. Her work can be found in various collections and anthologies, from Daughters of Darkness: An All-Women Horror Anthology to the Salt City Genre Writers anthology By Virtue Fall.

Writing Coordinator

Monica Simons writes romance and lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, daughter, two Italian Greyhounds and a flock of black-capped chickadees and lesser goldfinches in her backyard.

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